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Olympic Swimming Gold Medal – link to Hedon!

RUTA MEILUTYTE is 15 years old and claimed an Olympic gold medal for Lithuania in the swimming 100 metres breaststroke at the Olympics Aquatics Centre on Monday 30th July 2012.

Why should that interest us in Hedon? Well, Ruta’s coach for the last three years is Jon Rudd. Jon lived in Hedon and went to school at South Holderness before going to the College of St Mark & St John in Plymouth — he has since become a swimming consultant and head coach at the world-renowned swimming school in Plymouth – Leander Swimming.

Jon Rudd

Jon Rudd is currently in the Olympic Village in London where he is coaching three other swimming hopefuls: Antony James from Team GB and two girls one Jamila Lunkuse representing Uganda and Jade Howard from Zambia.

Marvellous stuff! Unfortunately we cannot claim Ruta Meilutyte’s gold for Team GB, but perhaps we can informally notch-up a Gold for Hedon for its role in shaping Jon’s early career!

You can watch the Olympic race and interviews with Ruta and Jon at the BBC Olympic website.

Visit: www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/olympics/18906960

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  1. We’ve had a correction from Jon’s Brother, Mathew who writes on Twitter: Jon went to the College of St Mark & St John in Plymouth, not the Uni of Exeter. Apart from that, nice work! And our dad, Harold, and uncle, Eric Elbourne, still coach kids at South Holderness SC. Jon hosts a swim clinic there each year.

    Thanks Jon – we’ve made the correction above! And thanks for the information 🙂


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