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Will you be ringing your bell on the 27th July 2012?

CAMPANOLOGY CACOPHONY just might be the term used to describe the morning of Friday 27th July, as thousands of bells are rung across the country to celebrate the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

But it’s not just church bells that will be ringing – it will be bike bells, hand bells, church bells and even mobile phone ring-tones will ring out across the country as part of this national event.

The event All the bells will ring from 8.12am as quickly and loudly as possible for three minutes. A free ‘bell’ ringtone will be available to download to your mobile phone so you can take part where ever you are.

So… can we expect to hear lots of Bells ringing in Hedon on the morning of 27th July 2012?

For more information about the event, or to find out where else bells will be ringing in the East Riding visit the special website – but be prepared to hear lots of bells ringing on that website!

PS: You might also want to look at our Wednesday Writer David Thompson’s poem – The Hedon Bells.

And ring your bells here 🙂 :

Visit: www.allthebells.com

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