Fire Service warns about Wheelie Bin arson attacks

HUMBERSIDE FIRE and Rescue Service are warning residents about the threat of deliberate Wheelie Bin fires (see HU12 Online).

Whilst the warning from the Fire Service is not specifically aimed at the Hedon area, we thought it prudent to republish a report from 2009 about such an attack on Drapers Lane. Hopefully this will serve as a timely reminder to people.

From June 12th 2009

Fire_WheelieBin2“A wheelie bin fire on Draper’s Lane tackled by the Fire Brigade at about 2:45am this morning seems to have been the work of arsonists and could have had tragic consequences for the two flats and families concerned (each flat had small children sleeping).

Fortunately nobody got hurt but the results could have been different had neighbours not spotted and alerted the fire brigade.

The design of the two storey flats in Draper’s Lane greatly increases the risk of families being trapped in upstairs flats during fires. The stairwaysFire_WheelieBin1 are the only means of quick escape.

Another flat a few doors away had its wheelie bin set alight about 5-6 months ago. This morning’s fire therefore raises fears about a local arsonist possibly being active.

This will raise the question of whether a Neighbourhood Watch scheme or something similar would be beneficial for the area? Local families would certainly benefit from reviewing their ‘fire escape plans‘.”

There were no further attacks notified to the Hedon Blog, however perhaps the last paragraph of the above article is still relevant? 

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