Horsewell Pond – muddy pool part of a grander plan!?

HORSEWELL POND has been subject to some excavation work by a mechanical digger leaving a muddy pool.Steve Gallant alerted us to the work on the Hedon Blog. His comment is republished below:

“IVY LANE – Horsewell Pond. With all the rain over the last two months the pond has filled up somewhat, but its also quite overgown again. Today a large digger has scraped out the pond again, leaving a ghastly muddy mess, with a muddy puddle at the bottom of it. I hope this is not how they are going to leave it ! does anyone know what is planned ?”

Jim Lindop in his latest personal report on Hedon Town Council matters did indicate that the work was scheduled to start. He said:

“A mechanical digger is to be brought in between the 20th June to the 1st July to carry out work to establish if the spring is still functioning; to pull back the pond liner and establish a bund wall.”

Jim Lindop also suggested that ideas were being discussed which may lead to the construction of  a series of two or three ponds at differing levels, with water cascading from the highest to the lowest level. It is hoped to take water run-off from Market Hill, but this would involve the construction of drains, pipework and possibly an interceptor tank to hold any contaminants.

Whilst agreeing with Steve Gallant that it currently looks an eyesore, we presume it is all part of a grander plan as suggested by Jim Lindop.

As I was taking this photo a group of young lads gathered around to look at the pond – their reaction at seeing the muddy pool was “Wow! Cool!” So at least somebody is pleased!

Ongoing issue…

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  1. This effort to sort the pond out from the mess it was, has been on going since last summer.As a council we have enjoyed help from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Council members and a few members of the public to dig out weeds and reeds from within the pond and the surrounding area, we have been consulting with the East Riding Council over the provision of water drainage from Market Hill, which would involve pipework and intercepter tanks with the relevant costs involved. Vivergo Fuels have been helpfull with funding but we may need to apply for grants. The idea which has been on the blog on a few occasions it to dig an upper pool which was completed today, when full, we hope the water would cascade into the lower pool. We hope to clear the new weeds that have grown, then plant wildflower seeds. We may soon need help to dig the weeds out again and clear them away, it would be good to have help from Hedon people. I agee it is a muddy mess, but give us a chance. In answer to the question no we are not going to leave it. It may take months if not years to bring this pond back to something like it was with everyones help.

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