Wednesday Writings

Wednesday Writings – Time

TIME – by Lorraine Ellis (Flo)

It had stood on the old book case for years; a small cacti in a plain brown plastic pot.
It didn’t require much care just a few drops of water now and again. It had been there so long that she had forgotten how she had come by it or when it first appeared. It just sat collecting dust, a dull green, its sharp spines unwelcoming, uninviting to touch, ugly and unperformed.
She stared at this succulent plant for a long time her thoughts drifting. A weary traveller his thirst exhaustion and longing filled with loneliness as miles of parched arid desert land stretched out before him.
Her gaze lingered some more, and she was that traveller, time heals.

The long seasons past and once again the cactus stood forgotten, until that morning the sun streamed through the windows, and as the birds sang she slowly dusted yesterdays dust from the old book case.
Her gaze fell on to the plant pot, the cactus had flowered, its ugliness transformed into a paradox of beauty. The red flower stood proud, captivating, enchanting, almost as though an artist had painted and planned for it to be there. She smiled to herself, she had found her oasis. It had taken five long years for the cactus to flower time heals


 A reflective short story from Lorraine Ellis. Can you describe a moment or event that perhaps stirred your emotions in a similar way? Could you put that description down as a poem or short story?

Why not have a go at writing a short-story or poem? If you want to submit something for Wednesday Writings then e-mail it to – and please put WEDNESDAY WRITINGS in the subject line.

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  1. A bit late with Wednesday Writings this week… it’s a Thursday Thriller instead! 🙂 However, this short story from Lorraine was definitely worth waiting for!

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