Horsewell Pond…. it is a pond!

YES… we’ve had flood alerts… Yes, we are all watching the river levels nervously as the rain continues to fall (the Environment Agency have been doing additional pumping work along Burstwick Drain)…

…but despite all this it has been quite nice to see water appearing once again in Horsewell Pond, Ivy Lane, after being silted up for such a long time!

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  1. It is well documented, that in the dark old days, there was actually a “Ducking Stool” for use on those poor souls who regularly flouted the Law!

  2. the pond has been there for hundreds of years, never a problem, dogs should be on leads and children should be supervised and learn to swim, we have more dykes drains ponds and water courses than most of the country, so whats the problem, should we fence Burstwick drain or the Humber

  3. couldnt we get some sort of fencing put up so we dont have any accidents with our children or pets.

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