Yorkshire Water announces £50,000 Community Fund

YORKSHIRE WATER have today announced that a £50,000 Community Fund will be put in place to compensate for the problem odours that have impacted on residents during the last few years from the Waste Water Treatment Works at Saltend.

Richard Sears, Community Engagement Manager for Yorkshire Water, said: “We know that for some years the local community put up with intermittent odours from the site and we recognise that this was clearly unacceptable. Since last summer, we’ve done a huge amount of work to reduce odours at the site, including installing a state-of-the-art odour control unit which we believe will significantly help to reduce any excessive odours from the site.

“We want to be a good neighbour and this trust fund underlines our commitment to working alongside the local community and doing what we can to give something back through this £50,000 cash fund.”

A local panel is being set up which will have the final say on projects and causes that will benefit from the Community Fund. It is understood that local councillors from South West Holderness and East Hull will make up the majority of the 10-strong panel who will be meeting on the 30th April to determine ground-rules for how the fund will be operated and criteria for bidding for a share of the cash.

For the complete press release from Yorkshire Water see the article Community Fund to say ‘Sorry’ on HU12 Online.

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  1. Councillor John Dennis has been quoted on the BBC website:

    Councillor John Dennis said he was pleased that Yorkshire Water had set up a compensation fund but was disappointed with the amount.

    “When I initially proposed to them last summer that they should set up a community fund to help with projects in the area, I had suggested an amount twice that currently on the table,” said Mr Dennis.

    “Local residents have endured enormous discomfort and inconvenience over the past 12 years, ever since the Saltend Waste Water Plant first opened, and for Yorkshire Water to come up with a figure that equates to only around £1 per person is, frankly, shameful.

    “I hope they will reconsider this decision.”

    See BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-17761788


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