Wednesday Writings – The Town Council (a poem)

The Town Council – By David Thompson

Twice monthly do the meetings fall,
Held in the towns` historic hall,
Where mayors of yesterday, look down
Upon the dealings of the town.

The twelve good men and women who
Give free their time, good deeds to do,
With minutes taken by the clerk
And all decisions for to mark.

All interests must be declared
And any prejudices heard,
For all the public has to see
That squeaky clean, they have to be.

They start the night with best intent,
“By ten the meetings will be spent”,
But if at length they ramble on,
It could be later when they`re done.

For all assembled have their say,
And some will say it come what may,
And some say yes, and some say no
When arguments flow to and fro.

Of kitchen costs, burial fees,
Extension plans, and pruning trees,
Deliberations quite mundane,
The rights of way on Twyers Lane.

They set the precept for the year,
For keeping dykes and ditches clear,
The peoples` taxes to disburse,
These keepers of the public purse.

The civic cogs go creaking on
and after all is said and done,
Its down the “Legion”, or the “Station”
For a little lubrication.

What better person to eulogise about the Town Council – than a town councillor! As well as an outstanding poet, Councillor David Thompson is also one of the “twelve good men and women” mentioned above!

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