Wednesday Writings

Wednesday Writings – Shock!

SHOCK! by Janice Leak

The front door loudly banged, signalling the departure of their youngest child to school.
Time for the preparations; preparations for this special day, long-awaited and dreamed of.

Up for a bath with lots of delicious bubbles and fragrant oil. Soaking in the hot water and anticipating, toes tingling, warm and happy.
The big, warm bath towel, being dried by its warm embrace.

Now to dress. The expensive silk underwear taken from its tissue paper, the box long hidden under the bed now sensuous against bare skin. A deep pink blouse, the golden buttons unfastened just enough. A tight black skirt with a provocative slit and the black stockings.

The, make-up, more difficult with lots of concealer, false eye-lashes and, last, the bright pink lipstick. Time for the wig, long and blonde. Looking back from the mirror, a stranger, a glamorous stranger only before present in dreams.

Finally the shoes, then away. Carefully negotiating the stairs in the unfamiliar 4-inch heals. The black leather gleaming in the sunlight. Walking along the pavement towards the tube.
Oh no, what’s happened? A heel caught in the crack, flung forward, the rough concrete tearing silk and wool, scraping leather and the pain, the terrible pain in foot, ankle, leg.
Someone must have called an ambulance. Paramedics, soothing in green, administering the glorious pain killing drugs.

White corridors, hospital beds, X-rays, and an older man in theatre scrubs, x-rays in his hand and a serious face.

“I’m very sorry but there is a very bad fracture of the lower femur and we’re going to have to operate. Would you like us to contact your wife Mr Adams?”

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