Does your area have more in common with Beverley or Hull? – Results

THANK YOU to the 21 people who responded to our survey on Does your area have more in common with Beverley or Hull?

We cannot draw too many dramatic conclusions because of the limited response, but we publish the results below for your own interest and consideration:

We got respondents from Hedon (16), Preston (2), Paull (1), Thorngumbald (1) and Keyingham (1).

Shopping: Respondents used the following places MOSTLY for shopping:

  • Hull – 9 people
  • Beverley – 6 people
  • Hedon – 4 people

Some people did indicate that they shopped elsewhere as well – Withernsea, Leeds and York.

Entertainment: The majority travelled to Hull for their entertainment.

  • Hull – 12 people
  • Hedon – 7 people
  • Beverley – 2 people

In your opinion, does the place you live have more in common with Hull or Beverley?

  • Beverley – 15 people
  • Elsewhere – 4 people
  • Hull – 2 people

In your opinion, who would better serve the place where you live? A Member of Parliament whose constituents mostly live in Beverley, or whose constituents mostly live in Hull?

  • Better served by a Beverley and Holderness MP – 17 people
  • Better served by an East Hull and South West Holderness MP – 3 people
  • No opinion – 1

We also publish the additional comments that people made.

“Hull is not part of the East Riding and what the hell does the East Hull MP know about country living, standards, economics and representing East Riding rural residents? If morons could fly The Boundary Commission would be an airport even considering this one..!!”

“I think that Beverley is a quite affluent market town, and the fact Hedon is out beyond the east of Hull. means the local economy jobs and business is really much more related to what goes on in Hull rather than Beverley. Most people in Hedon who do not work in the town work at BP, the industrial operations on Hedon Road or in Hull. the enlarged Hedon of 21st Century is more of a dormer town for Hull than a rural market town. Many of the ‘new’ people in Hedon have moved out from East Hull over the last 30 years. But others who live in the smaller villages, like say Burstwick may feel a greater affinity to Beverley and district.”

“Holderness has very little in common with East Hull, and most of the land between the 2 areas is industrial. Few people live on the boundary between East Hull and Holderness. Holderness is rural, not urban, it even has a different accent!”

“In my experience urban MPs do not have any empathy or understanding of rural issues or the needs of rural residents. East Hull residents would be given priority and would leave little time for SW Holderness problems to be dealt with effectively. East Hull MPs have not assisted in our fights over the incinerator and Yorkshire Water treatment works, even though residents in East Hull were also affected. Our current Beverley and Holderness MP has worked exceptionally hard on our behalf and we do not want to be annexed from the rest of Holderness with which we have so much in common both historically and culturally.”

“We need to be kept out of Hull.”

“We are an ancient country town and should not be within the Hull constituent”

“We don’t need to change”

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