HU12 Online – keeping you updated on progress

LOCAL SHOPKEEPERS and businesses will have had a visit from Ray Duffill in the last couple of days with the promotional leaflet about HU12 Online (not visited everyone in Hedon yet, but aim to!).

HU12 has had 1,000 attractive leaflets printed (by Hedon Green Print) and they represent our *first publicity drive since starting in business last week.

The Hedon Blog had organised its Good Deeds programme with the intention of raising enough money to do enough leaflets for every household (in Hedon, Preston and Paull) but despite raising £27 (with thanks to £15, £5 and £2 from anon and £5 from Diane Davies) we didn’t raise enough. However, the donated money has been put towards printing the current leaflets.

HU12 will be visiting the major shopping and business areas across the post-code area with these leaflets over the next few days/weeks.

We would also like to say ‘Thanks’ to our first two advertisers on HU12. They have given us one of our first milestones of achievement – we will acknowledge our supporters on the Hedon Blog from time-to-time and hope that you support them in return. 


If you are interested in taking advantage of the inexpensive advertising on HU12 Online, then visit its Advertising Page.

*Thanks also to BBC Radio Humberside and Seaside FM for the interviews.

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