Preston South – little Hedon?

What's going on in Preston (South)?

ON THE HULL ROAD entrance to Hedon you actually hit Preston (South) before arriving in the town itself. But for all intents and purposes most people probably consider themselves ‘in Hedon’ when seeing the Kingstown Hotel.

However, a lot of people who live in Preston (South) do consider themselves as residents of Hedon Town first – and the occasional notices through the door from Preston Parish Council are just one of the ‘quirks’ of living there. A kind of ‘little Hedon’ perhaps?

However, Preston (South) is a distinct parish area and is served by three parish councillors and has its own issues. But what are those issues?

The Hedon Blog – in this case the ahem! Hedon (Preston (South)) Blog  – is interested to discover more about what makes that area unique. What’s the history of the parish? What’s good about the area, what’s going on in the community?

The Preston Parish Council has a notice-board which is regularly updated with minutes from Parish Council meetings – and occasionally with other community leaflets. But there really isn’t much you can find out about the area from the noticeboard.

We took a stroll down there last month (to take some snowy pictures) and in the north side of the parish is the Scruton building site – which we assume has been the source of consistent inconvenience. But other than that the area seemed quite peaceful and quiet – tranquil in fact!

But of course it’s the residents in the area who know best! If you live in the area then let us know what you think about the place. And do you consider yourself a resident of Preston or Hedon?

Leave a comment below (public) – or if you prefer, e-mail us on hedonblog@gmx.com with your thoughts.

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