Announcement: HU12 Online ‘trading’


HU12 ONLINE starts ‘trading’ from Wednesday 7th March 2012.

The www.hu12.net website (HU12 Online) will play the role of a ‘hyperlocal’ news agency which will gather and collect local news,  information and events, from – and relevant to – the South Holderness towns and villages.

As well as being published on HU12 Online, the material will be shared with other news providers and also on social-media networks. In this way HU12 will seek to publicise and positively promote the area – whilst not neglecting to report the more contentious issues on occasion. But the focus will be on publicising those smaller community stories and issues that do not normally find their way into mainstream media.

In short the website aims to expand its coverage of local news, information and events financed through the income generated from providing a series of locally useful initiatives:

  • offering low-cost advertising and promotion services for local businesses and organisations;
  • advertising local vacancies on our Jobs page;
  • starting our Shop so that local people can sell or swap items;
  • hosting an Amazon shop;
  • offering simple website creation and management services.

You can find out more about some of these on HU12 Online Commerce.

The results of our trading activities should see HU12 Online (and the Hedon Blog) covering more issues, and in greater depth than ever before.

We ask for our readers continuing support – and please make sure you tell your neighbours and friends about HU12 Online!

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