Magdalen Lane Histories

FOLLOWING our appeal for information about Ashley Villas and Daisy Villas on Magdalen Lane, Hedon, which were bombed in World War II, then Tom Bond has sent in these two photographs which were taken in the vicinity of the buildings.

The photos are of general historical interest – and of particular family interest to Tom himself. He explains the two photos:

“The two photos were taken about 100 years ago. (One of them was used as a postcard, and was posted to my Grandma’s father at Keyingham, and is date stamped Hedon, July 1912.) At that time, my Grandad, Isaac Bond, and his wife Jane and family were living at Bondgate House. This had been built, I believe, by my Grandad’s brother Billy, who did a lot of building in Hedon.

On the right hand side of one of the pictures can be seen a house which I think is the one bombed. This picture shows a house roof and chimney stacks above the horse’s neck, which doesn’t help with location, and this is why I have sent the second one which gives a better indication, as it shows Bondgate House in the background.

I think that the villas were at the beginning of the lane leading to Bondgate House, on the eastern side, and at right angles to Burstwick Road, probably where there is a garage now. Incidentally, my dad is the boy in the straw boater. He would be 14 at that time. I don’t know who the man is on the left hand side.”

Many thanks to Tom for sharing his photos with us!

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