Hollywood Hedon?

HEDON IS A UNIQUE TOWN that perhaps deserves a wider audience – literally!
Hedon has a peculiar urban/rural mix; it has a long history reflected in its 800 year old iconic buildings. These contrast starkly with the sprawling massive industrial complex on the town’s doorstep with equally ‘iconic’ chimneys and towers. It has magnificent buildings that portray the town’s historic and current wealth, yet it also has all the visible problems (in small measure) that are associated with rural poverty.

In short – Hedon and the surrounding villages could be the ideal location and backdrop for TV and films production!

Imagine Saltend as the backdrop to a Sci-Fi drama, or the Town Hall providing the location for close-up scenes for a courtroom serial. What about St Augustine’s ancient tombstones providing the setting for a gothic horror or the church itself as a picturesque backdrop!?

An interesting project would be to encourage the town (its artists and artisans) to think of itself as a possible visual and physical location for TV and films. To look at buildings and town focal points as possible ‘settings’ for novels and screenplays and as eye-catching backdrops. This could be the focus of activity of a community project group who could link up and learn from TV and Film industry professionals from others across the region.

As a community project it could encourage a new interest in the town in photography, creative writing, and thinking about the infrastructure needed to make us ‘screen-friendly’.

Perhaps an aim would be to provide a portfolio of materials that could ‘sell’ Hedon as an attractive place for investment by production companies.

This ‘wild idea’ was formed out of seeing an episode of the York-based ‘Eternal Law’ drama on ITV. The familiar streets and buildings of historic York provide the settings and locations for this production about lawyers who are also Angels. 

What do you think? Hollywood Hedon?

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  1. With the streets of Hull being used as a set for a feature film, then perhaps this article written over two years ago is quite visionary!? 😀

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