Hedon wartime bombing – can you help with information?

IN JUNE last year James Bagnall asked for further information about the site of a World War II bombing raid on Hedon in May 1941 in which it was thought an entire family was wiped out.

Two properties, Ashley Villas and Daisy Villas on Magdalen Lane, Hedon, were destroyed  in the bombing raid on 8th May 1941 and 11 people were killed – including six members of the Spicer family Mr Ernest Spicer, his wife Vida and four children, John (aged 22), Delma (14), Geoffrey (10) and Edward (6).

This horrific tragedy has taken another macabre turn with the discovery that another member of the Spicer family, son Jack (22), also died during the war two years later on February 6th 1943.

And another mystery has arisen during the Hedon Blog discussion on these tragic events. The photos on this page were taken and sent in by Mr Peter Batty in Scunthorpe: The entire Spicer family are commemorated/buried in the Crosby Cemetery in Scunthorpe?

It is believed that the bombing raid left eleven casualties, the Spicer family of Ashley Villas, and Lucy Lear also of Ashley Villas, and Ellen and Josephine Ellerton and John and Muriel French of Daisy Villas.

We are appealing to readers who might have any further information about the families involved to get in touch. Did the victims all live in Hedon? What is the Spicer family’s link with Scunthorpe? What fate befell Jack Spicer?

And also James Bagnall’s original questions: What type of houses were Daisy Villas and Ashley Villas. What happened around the bombing, clearance and rebuild? Are there any photos of the area before or after the bombing?

(Ongoing research)

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  1. I was brought up by my Grandma in Crosby and her sister was Vida Spicer. I was only 6 years old when the tragedy occurred. I have recollections of going to Hull on holiday and I remember that we were due to go again when the whole family were killed. I also remember going to the cemetery in Crosby where there is a big memorial. Vida had another sister called Edith who lived in Abbots Road in Ashby and her mother lived with her. These are only vague memories because at that time children were kept very much in the dark about what was going on. Vida’s maiden name was Bailey and my grans name was Lilian Emma Poole. I seem to remember that Vida’s husband was always referred to as Uncle Jack. Hope this information is helpful.

  2. Another interesting aside to this, is that Geoff was also friendly with Bernard White who lived in the large house at the back of Daisy Villas. Bernard’s older Brother Gordon went on to build the Hanson Trust conglomerate and became Baron White of Hull!

  3. Mr Geoff Ducker has been in touch with some more information about these events.

    Geoff lived in No. 2 Daisy Villas from 1936 – 1940. Numbers 1 and 2 Daisy Villas were a pair of semi-detached houses.

    Across the driveway was another pair of semi-detached, numbers 1 and 2 Ashleigh Villas (note that Geoff spells Ashleigh this way – rather than Ashley). The Lears were in No. 1 and the Spicers in No. 2.

    Geoff says he used to play with Geoffrey Spicer and younger brother who he knew as Nicky – and also “the beautiful Delma”. He says the family originated from Scunthorpe.

    He says that Jack was a lorry driver and was at work when the tragedy happened. Geoff’s family had fortunately moved away from the property in 1940 when his father was transferred.

    Geoff remembers the keystone Daisy Villas block fixed between his house and the Ellertons.

    Geoff’s Dad was in the police and it’s possible older residents may remember him – PC Leonard Ducker.

    Thanks very much to Geoff for sharing this information with us – he did say its made him very nostalgic for his days growing up in Hedon.

    • Hi i came across the Spicer family while researching my family history.here is a summary for Ernest John Spicer born in 1896 at Gainsborough Lincolnshire his children were also born in Lincolnshire

      Individual Summary – 31 May 2016

      Name: Ernest John Spicer
      Sex: Male
      Father: Henry Spicer (b 15 Apr 1848)
      Mother: Hannah Woolvine (b 14 Dec 1857)

      Individual Facts
      Birth 1 Dec 1896 in Gainsborough Lincolnshire
      Census 1901 in Gainsborough Lincolnshire
      Occupation Plumber Apprentice (1911)
      Census 1911 in 13 Silver St Gainsborough Lincolnshire
      Residence 1 Ashley Villas Magdalen Road Hedon East Yorkshire (1941)
      Will 1941 in Wales
      Death 8 May 1941 in Hedon East Yorkshire
      Burial in Crosby Cemetery Scunthorpe Lincolnshire

      1. Vida May Bailey
      Marriage 1917 in Gainsborough Lincolnshire
      Children Norman Spicer (b 1918)
      Joan Spicer (b 1919)
      Jack Spicer (b 1920)
      Delma Spicer (b 1927)

      • I was born in 1935 and I recall going to stay with my Uncle John and Auntie May in Hull for my holidays. We were due to go visit when the family were bombed and all were killed. My memory is vague, but I seem to remember that 1 son was not killed as he was not at home. I believe his name was Jack. My grandmother was Auntie May;s sister. Her maiden name was Lilian Emma Bailey. The family are buried in Crosby Cemetery, Scunthorpe,

      • I was born in 1935 in Scunthorpe. I was brought up by my Grandparents. My grandmother was the sister of Mrs Spicer, who , along with her family was killed in the bombing of Hull in May 1940. We used to go to Auntie May and Uncle Jack for our holidays. in fact we were due to go one week after their deaths. I remember that one member of the family survived because he was not at home, his name was Jack. Thr family are buried in Crosby Cemetery and I visited the grave many times as a child with my grandma. The Bailey family lived in the Blyton area. I expect they were buried in Scunthorpe because Auntie’s mother and three sisters all lived here. Hope this information is helpful. Shirley Clay. Date: Tue, 31 May 2016 19:44:17 +0000 To: landinggear11@hotmail.co.uk

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