New signage brightens up Market Place

HEDON GREENPRINT have invested in a new shop façade and added some new colour to the Market Place. They have also utilised their ground-floor redundant window spaces to advertise their services.

It’s always refreshing to see new improvements in the town’s shopping experience.

What do you think?

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  1. I agee Gary, not very attractive, but the signage is on Grade two Listed building that needs planning permission, and the crossing is been fitted by the ERYC and the safety of pedestrians had to come first, as some drivers do not stop if people are waiting to cross at that point.

    • ERYC are installing the hideous and totally unecessary crossing as a direct request from HEDON TOWN COUNCIL according to the ERYC Conservation Officer. It is The majority of HTC Members who voted for it who should admit they have GOT IT WRONG.

  2. As a listed building planning must be applied for, and its also in the Hedon Town Centre Conservation Area. Hedon Town Council are trying to advise property owners to paint signs in traditional colours painted on wood

    • Are the wonderful new zebra crossing lights that Hedon Town Councill have seen fit to erect within the same conservation area? Very traditional and attractive I dont think , DO YOU!!!!

  3. As a grade 2 Listed Building owner in the vicinity, I have usually been notified when other property owners want to make significant changes to their buildings. The Planning Application and Listed Building requirement has, in the past invited us to comment. Have other property owners been notified or has the Council changed its procedure? Our post has a habit of going astray!

  4. The signs look very good, and brightens up the market place, hopefully this will encourage other businesses to keep up their shops appearance to keep attracting more people to use the village shops, and keep the sense of a community together.

    Well done Green Print. Keep up to great work, always a pleasure to come into your shop

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