Coming soon… our 3rd Birthday… and new developments on your Blog!

THE HEDON BLOG will be 3 years old on Sunday 5th February.

Our first article on the Blog – which at that time was called Our Hedon Adventure – was published on February 5th 2009.

The Hedon Blog has certainly changed since then. But its simple aim to (re)discover and explore the town we live in – and share what we find with anyone who cares to look  – remains the same.   

The Blog is a type of website called – although we didn’t know this at the time – a ‘hyperlocal’. This term describes a website where the ‘niche’ is the ‘place’. As such, our wider aim is to bring together everything about Hedon under one virtual roof.

We also provide a news-gathering and news-sharing service. We don’t cover everything about the town. Only those things that:

  1. you tell us about; 
  2. we find out from press releases from other organisations; 
  3. we discover ‘on the beat’ i.e. being out and about in the town and being curious!

In February we will celebrate our birthday by providing some new methods to improve our local news service.

We will include an address and phone numbers so you can contact us more easily. We will become more pro-active in following up local news by writing and publishing reviews of events, chasing people up for quotes, and conducting interviews and video interviews with those people who have local stories to share. We will also be applying to Google as a news agency which will make our material even easier to find on the web!

We aim to be a mini-news agency all about Hedon and become the place to visit for all things Hedon.

This will be a big step forward for the Hedon Blog, and for Beat Blogger Ray Duffill, financed in part from the revenues from our new advertising and promotional services that will soon be coming available on the HU12 Online website. 

As ever, the success of the Hedon Blog relies on you! Thank you for reading and regularly coming back to the website to see what is new.

If you have ideas about how we might improve our services then please share them and leave a comment.

PS: Thanks to Glenn for the original Hedon Blog logo above.

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