Wind Turbine Manufacturing – Devil in the detail

THE NEWS that Alexandra Dock is to be developed as a base of operations, known as Green Port Hull, for wind turbine manufacturing will certainly have ramifications for the whole area.

Mostly we would expect positive benefits to arise from this development and the news of new jobs and investment will be warmly welcomed in the area.

However, it would be wise to see more details of what the proposals will mean in practice, particularly in terms of any increased local inconvenience that might be caused, before giving our unequivocal support. This is not to be negative about the development, but to be realistic.

As indicated by the Hedon Blog in November, the supply chain and cluster of industries needed to make Green Port Hull and the Humber Enterprise Zone successful could see land being developed right on our doorstep: See Proposal to develop Hedon Haven as employment land.

It is important that Hedon gleans the full benefits of this marvellous opportunity, but also takes steps to limit some of the inevitable downsides of this development.

Perhaps, it would be a good idea if local businesses, traders, community groups, our political representatives and other interested people met – perhaps at a public meeting – to consider developments, and take any necessary actions to ‘accentuate the positive, and eliminate the negative’ aspects of any proposals. It would also give local people an opportunity to get involved early and help shape any local proposals.

A more cautious welcome to the news perhaps, but as ever, the devil is in the detail!

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  1. A very measured piece on this once in lifetime opportunity and I believe a meeting about the proposals is a very good idea. But, if the speculation is correct, it will mean a complete change to our environment as we know it. The industry is very land hungry and if other manufacturing companies follow the lead of Siemens then we can expect this industry to be on our doorstep.
    What will this mean for Hedon, Paull, Preston and beyond? Well who knows, but I can see an area which is attractive for investment and an area which is a place people want to live.
    We all live in the shadow of BP and the views we now have would not be changed very much should industry move into the corridor of land between BP and Hedon. I can see a park and ride and I can see spending on infastructure. These are all things which will come to fruition, when we do indeed get them all importent details.
    Are we going to be welcoming residential building work? reading the ERC consulatation it doesnt look like we will unless it is on Brown field sites. The population of Hedon may not change that much but I certainly think the use of the town will. More people using the town on a lunchtime and nighttime. More people using Hedon for a night out. Will Hedon become more of a late night venue 7 days a week?
    Lots of things to discuss.
    I can only see positives from this investment not just for this generation but also for generations to come. I want to be involved in this very exciting news.
    If we are to have a meeting lets not get to hung up on the changes which will happen but try to gleen the positives this investment will have on our area.
    Lets get behind the project in a sensible objective way.

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