Christmas Lights Event: Big Ride – Feature or Monster?

CONTROVERSY has overshadowed this year’s Christmas Lights event in Hedon as Blog readers complain about the presence of a large fairground ride in the centre of the Market Place.

The Miami Trip Fairground Ride occupied a central 13m x 5m site in Hedon Market Place. It’s size, lights and sounds dominated the whole event and has left some residents feeling disappointed about the event.

Mike Pearce was the first to question the whole concept of a fair at the Christmas lights event: “does the monstrosity of a fairground detract somewhat from the festivities?” he asked on Facebook.

Carol Hunter complained about the noise: “sounded a lot like Hull fair, and the people of Hedon could not hear the announcement for the big turn on, it was sooooooo loud”.  Ellie Sawden said: “the carol singers are so festive and xmassy but were drowned out by the noise from the massive noisey ride. Totally spoilt it.”

Mathew Rason also complained: “All the christmassy spirit that draws people into the town was totally overwhelmed with all the screaming and non-xmas music from that one ride.”

Christine Whitehead posted on Saturday: “Hedon was more like Walton street last night, we are fast losing the christmas spirit here, what a shame after last year!”

Alex Watts raised an issue about crowds, and said the turnout was amazing, but:  “you can’t move to get to the stalls etc which is a big shame. I’m not complaining about the amount of people what I am saying is maybe we need to realise that the event needs more room?”

Gary Robinson spoke up for some local traders: “Each year the town council send letters to all the local traders asking them to stay open for the light switch on, then come the event they organise for a fairground like this to attend and takeover the whole area”

Neil Shillito said he liked the idea of a fairground, but: “why don’t they extend the event and have the fairground on market hill were it was traditionally, this would also ease the congestion in the main street, as well as showing off the lovely window displays the local traders, who may I say pay extortionate business rates for the rights to trade.”

Carol Hunter published three photos contrasting the Christmas lights event at Beverley and Cottingham which showed very festive scenes, with Hedon lights which showed the Fairground ride. She asked:  “is a fair ground even remotely connected with christmas?”

Another Carol commented on the Blog: Traditional would be nice for next year with local entertainment, maybe a brass band, carol singers choir.” Helen Wilson commented on the Facebook photo of the Beverley lights: “This event looks nice and festive, can we have one like that next year please?”

Alex Watts  commented on the difficulty faced by those with prams and wheelchairs on getting through the crowds, but still enjoys the event: “we love it! only thing I have to say is that so does everyone else now! Hedon is a fast growing town as we know, so maybe the event should grow a little too?”

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You may wish to respond to Jim Lindop who wrote: As Deputy Mayor it is interesting to note the comments, so is there anything people especially liked or disliked or would like to see next year?”

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