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  1. It has been mentioned to me that because all of the lights were already on on the small Christmas trees, and the fairground style activities were all brightly lit as well, the actual ‘switch-on’ was not very spectacular. I cannot comment personally as I was busy in the Alexandra Hall at 6.30 p.m. The turn out of people from around the area was spectacular!

  2. The fairground ride OMG was just too much, and so loud who ever allowed that was off his / her rocker. Traditional would be nice for next year with local entertainment, maybe a brass band, carol singers chior. I am sure South Holderness School could accomodate both free of charge, when i was a kid at the school thats what we used to do for the church. Smaller rides are ok for the toddlers. Burger vans etc is not nessesary as there are local cafes that would be glad of the business. Keep it all local Hedon town Council look after your own.

  3. As Deputy Mayor it is interesting to note the comments, so is there anything people especially liked or disliked or would like to see next year

  4. Great event, ruined by the totally out of character huge ride next to the tree, unable to hear the countdown to the switch-on or the carollers
    The whole christmassy feel the event usually has was turned into a mini Hull fair complete with non-christmas music and endless screaming.

    Very disappointed, hope that normal service will be resumed next year.

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