Parking problems in Hedon…. Your Say!

CAR PARKING – the lack of spaces, illegal parking, where to park, charging or not – seems to be one of those issues that is certain to get the blood boiling of people in Hedon!

The Hedon Blog wants to open up a constructive debate on car parking in Hedon with a view to being able to pass on suggestions, ideas and views to the East Riding Council and other decision-makers.

The first part of this is to IDENTIFY THE PROBLEMS.

What are the car-parking issues in the town? Hedon Blog readers have over the last 36 months identified the following areas as ‘hotspots’ that have parking issues:

Town Centre parking Particularly on St Augustine’s Gate and Market Place. Market Hill especially parking problems for visitors to the nursery and doctors surgeries. Inmans Primary School particularly during the school run.

At each location the problems seem to fall into these areas of concern:

  • The problems with getting a space.
  • Problem of illegal parking. Enforcement is not working.
  • Enforcement is too heavy-handed; it just transfers the problem to somewhere else.
  • The impact on service providers, traders and local businesses if customers, workers and visitors can not park conveniently and safely.
  • Too many double yellow lines / not enough double yellow lines.

Have we covered all the ‘hotspots’ problem areas and issues? Probably not! So please do give us your comments directly on the blog or e-mail us at with your experiences.

Note: This is the first in a series of articles about this issue. From this debate we hope to be able to provide decision-makers with some opportunities to learn from direct-feedback – congratulations as well as complaints – and consider what works and what might need improvement.

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  1. I took my 1year old to the Doctors (Church View) a couple of weeks ago. I arrived 10 mins early to find as usual there wasn’t any parking spaces in the car park and around 6 other cars waiting to park. I drove around Hedon to find a space but gave up and parked on a single yellow line outside the church. I was gone half an hour and returned to find a £35 fine stuck to my windowscreen. The parking in hedon is pretty discusting and something needs to be done.

  2. I think the carpark at Johnsons corner is used by people coming out of the town or the edge of town,leaving the car and then using the bus to get into town. Also are locals leaving vehicles on the car park if they haven’t enouigh room to park at home?

  3. I think it depends on what time of day you try to park – obviously lunch-times and just after school leaving times are going to be busier. I agree with Virginia, though, that a lot of people are just too lazy to walk a little further. In fact, there are 4 car parks to use – I always manage to find a space in one of them, rarely have to park on double yellow lines.

  4. I think the parking is fine, esp if people actuall use the 3 carparks on offer.
    What i find infuriating is when people pull up on double yellows to nip into coop, or use the cash machine. Why can’t they park on the street, esp at night, or round the corner near the church or indeed the car parks. It is only a very short walk to the centre from any car park, it is just laziness. This also happens at the big Coop, and car drivers just pull up outside the cash machine, when there are hundreds of free spaces. How Idle people are.

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