Fix Before The Freeze

Fix Before The Freeze is a really simple campaign that everyone can get involved in. All you need to do is, on your journey home from work tonight – or while out-and-about, or  even just by looking from your house window –  check things like street lights not working, broken pavements and pot-holes then use Fix My Street to report them to the council.

Reporting a broken street light may save someone being injured by a car or even from being mugged.

Pot-holes and broken pavements will only get worse once we start getting freezing nights so take five minutes to report them now before they get any worse.

All you need to do to report any problems via www.fixmystreet.com fill in a few details and press send. If you can get a picture with your phone you can add this to the report to make it even easier for the council to find the problem you are reporting.

See on HU12 the Wrap up for Winter campaign from Yorkshire Water.

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