Yorkshire Water Smells

Yorkshire Water Smells – Good news…. but we’ve not forgotten!

REMEMBER THIS from August this year….?

THE GOOD NEWS is that smells from the Yorkshire Water Waste Water Treatment Works do not seem to have caused any major upset in the last few weeks.

In the three weeks from 19th September – 9th October 2011 then there have been only two recorded complaints according to Yorkshire Water’s Hull and Saltend News. Of course this may not reflect reality because people do not always report the smells they suffer.

However, we do not want to forget the 11 years of odour problems from the Saltend site or the ruined summer of 2011. And we want to ensure that Yorkshire Water don’t forget either!

It should be a cause for celebration when the new odour control unit goes online at the Treatment Works in November/December – but it’s also a perfect time to remind Yorkshire Water of their past misdemeanours! So that is when it is proposed to present Yorkshire Water with our Wall of Shame!

The Hedon Blog will ensure that those in authority at Yorkshire Water are sent copies of the comments contained on the Wall of Shame. Copies will be also sent to the media and other bodies such as OFWAT the regulator of the water and sewerage industry in England.

People are still sending us comments to add to the Wall of Shame – but if you have not yet sent us a comment of your experience of the smells in the past, then please do!

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