Confusing Hedon and Howden?

“JUST IN CASE you were looking for Howden – then this is a quick note to say that this is the HEDON Blog” 🙂

YOU MAY THINK that confusing Hedon with Howden is not a big issue – and it probably isn’t! But just now and again an incident arises that reveals that some confusion does exist.

The Hedon Blog received a press release by e-mail yesterday revealing that Hedon Town Council had a vacancy for a Town Councillor!  Any excitement by the revelation that the town might be facing another election (or co-option) was overwhelmed by the news that we had lost one of our existing 12 councillors! Who had left? Why? What were the issues behind this surprise news!?

But minutes later the corrected version of the e-mail landed in my inbox – it was Howden Town Council with the vacancy and not Hedon!

But this is not the first time the similar pronunciation (???) of “Hedon” and “Howden” has caused some confusion:

At Christmas 2009 a book was published A Century of Hull which had mistakenly listed Hedon airfield as a base for building airships in the early part of the 20th Century. Of course it was Howden that the author had meant to refer to. We covered the issue at the time: Hedon and the Airships.

Any other readers come across examples where Hedon and Howden have been mixed up?

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