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Town Council issues – From Flooding to Foot Clinics to Reindeer!

BRIEF NOTES of Hedon Town Council Meetings. The following summary from Jim Lindop is a personal overview from Hedon Town Council meetings in September. They are based on discussions from the meeting and should not be taken as any official record. They are provided here for resident’s information and interest and reveal the variety of issues dealt with by the Council:

Flooding Issues: A meeting took place between East Riding Councillors, Hedon Town Councillors and members of local drainage boards to discuss flooding issues and funding following the Environment Agency (EA) spending £160,000 on a dredging study whereby they agreed it would be beneficial to dredge Burstwick Drain.

The EA stated they could not fully fund this operation as the dredging has land drainage improvement implications for which they are not responsible. They have offered to put £30,000 in the pot every 5 years to cover dredging both Burstwick Drain and Stoney Creek outlets, but the remaining £40,000 – £50,000 needs to come from others.

It is estimated the silt at Stoney Creek is 1.5 metres above the bottom of the outlet door and at Hedon Haven around 1.15 meters, reducing the average drain height gives increased storage within the drain and reduces the adjacent water table and higher flow rates at critical times.

East Riding Council are asking local councils to apply for funding for schemes in relation to flooding, all present felt it would be best to pool our resources and apply as a group for the additional top-up funding to carry out the work. The EA originally agreed to do this work in Jan this year but it was not done. The recommendation if successful says the best weather window is Jan 2012 and the one suitable vessel that can carry out the work needs to be booked.

Other Issues: Planning permission applications supported during the month included: Haven Arms, Havenside for the retention of temporary marquee and toilet facilities; and No. 5 Mendham Mews for a change of use from residential to a foot clinic.

It was agreed that the council fund the provision of a permanent electrical connection on properties in St Augustines Gate and Souttergate to allow the Christmas tree lights to be illuminated. It was also agreed to rent covered stalls for the Christmas Lights turn on celebrations.

It was reported that the repairs had been carried out on the play area between Middle Lane and Far Bank.

The Hedon Town entrance signs rear view design and wording was agreed and that flower planters would be installed as soon as possible at the entrances to Hedon on New Road near Farrand Road and on Thorn Road.

Vivergo Fuels have asked that the Council consider a request for them to bring reindeer and provide a tent for refreshments on the afternoon of the 10th December, following discussion it was agreed that this was a very nice offer and that Market Hill would be a good venue.

The Town Hall is open on Tuesday and Thursday, 930am to 1230pm or telephone 01482 898428 or email

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