Paull – A “Reserve Site” in Humber Enterprise Zone

Paull fields - Possible development site for Enterprise Zone?

THE HUMBER LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) has published maps of the Humber Enterprise Zone. These latest charts list the 80 hectare site near Paull as a “Reserve Site” (No 4 on the map).

The LEP told us via its temporary website what this means:

“The reserve site was included in case it wasn’t possible to have one of the other sites ready in time (to benefit from the Enterprise Zone tax breaks, companies must begin occupying by April 2015). At the moment, unless there are problems with one of the other sites, it won’t be included in the Enterprise Zone. However, it is still there for development.”

Whilst this news means that it is less likely that the Humber Enterprise Zone will be developed as close to Paull as previously thought, it does not diminish the case for the village (plus Hedon, Preston and the whole South West Holderness area) being fully prepared to take advantage of any benefits that the Enterprise Zone may bring.

A suggestion has been made on Twitter (by James Baron) that a working group is established to ensure that the area is in the best possible position to grasp any opportunities available through the Enterprise Zone – to make sure that local communities and businesses can benefit.

This would seem to be a very sensible and pro-active proposal. What do Blog readers think?

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