Yorkshire Water: Sludge and Sewage issues

YORKSHIRE WATER have again become the targets of complaints from local residents concerned about sludge and sewage issues:

SLUDGE: James told us of muddy tyre tracks coming out of the Waste Water facility at Saltend on Sat August 20th. The tracks came straight out of the gates of the plant and halfway down the outside lane of Hedon Road towards Hedon – eventually wearing out just before reaching BP roundabout. This photo taken later when the traffic had worn them down and presumably carried the mud away, shows the remaining tracks:

James asks: “As we all know what the plant deals with, I am concerned quite what this vehicle had spread on the road! So much for a plant that cares about the environment”.

SEWAGE: Anita has complained about the problem with the sewers in Cleeve Road, Hedon: “I would request that Yorkshire Water sort out the long-standing and seemingly endless problem with the sewers in Cleeve Road, Hedon. I am sick to death of having to drive through filthy water which pours out of the drains.”

The Hedon Blog has also received reports of a similar problem of “raw sewage” having come from the drains on Tailer Road in Hedon.

Yorkshire Water have said that the ‘muddy tyre tracks’ spotted by James should not have happened and the company should not be messing up the roads. However, a company spokesman has confirmed that the mud is not harmful. It is the prior-treated ‘sludge’ produced at the Saltend site which is then taken away to be used in making compost.

If you have any issues to take up with Yorkshire Water then contact the company direct on the Yorkshire Water Customer Helpline 0845 1 24 24 24.

The Hedon Blog will also continue to take up such issues on your behalf – contact us at hedonblog@gmx.com with any concerns.

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