Over 13,000 visits to the Hedon Blog in August 2011

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THE HEDON BLOG registered over 13,000 visits in August 2011, its busiest week on record – an average of 421 visits per day.

This increase in traffic to 13,062 in August is up from 9,145 in July and compares with 7,281 in August 2010. In February 2009 our first month of operation, then we had only 213 visitors!

The increase in the number of visits to the Hedon Blog and its pages in August is undoubtedly due to its coverage of the Yorkshire Water Smells Campaign and its hosting of the Online Petition. After our HOME PAGE then the most popular posts were the Yorkshire Water Smells – Petition and Residents hold Yorkshire Water to account.

The Blog has reached a new local audience during this campaign: People who have discovered their local community website for the first time!

To those new readers we say “WELCOME!” – Please continue to read the Hedon Blog. If you find nothing of interest then let us know what we are missing!?

If you want to tell us your stories or submit your news about the town and surrounding Holderness villages then in the first instance contact us at e-mail hedonblog@gmx.com or visit our ABOUT and WHAT’S ON pages.

We know that for some local people a visit to the Hedon Blog is now a daily routine – we hope to live up to your expectations by continuing to provide very local news and information that you find relevant and of interest.

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