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Anti-Smells Day of Action – Campaign Humour

TODAY’S DAY OF ACTION against foul odours will have its touches of humour. Specifically with the appearance of PONGO, the anti-smells campaigning skunk, at Paull Sportsfield at 9am and in Hedon Marketplace at 12 noon. But this is not the only use of humour during this otherwise serious campaign.

Jim Lindop called for permits to be issued, limiting the number of times that Hull people can flush their loos – each flush sends more waste materials into the sewers heading towards the East Riding and the Saltend Treatment Works. If the number of Hull flushes permitted was exceeded, then they should see their waste returned to them by the same sewer system!

Jim Uney in his comments made the perfect case for Yorkshire Water to move their Headquarters from Bradford to Saltend – which would really demonstrate the water company’s confidence that the new odour control unit will work as they promise!

But one of the funniest contributions to ‘smell-gate’  is the letter written to the Hull Daily Mail by R&J Scott in response to the suggestion that the pea-harvest was to blame for the odours.

The Scotts talk about Yorkshire Water thumbing through The Good Excuse Book of Unexplained Pongs. Excuse 533 states that new odour will be down to the rhubarb harvest! And Excuse 534 will be the Mushroom harvest:

“The residents of this area are much like the mushroom crop – kept in the dark and regularly fed large amounts of ‘manure’…”

Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand! – Mark Twain

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