Monster Wheels accident risk in Preston

MONSTER WHEELS get a bit too close for comfort at times when you stand on the crossroads in Preston!

This photo typifies the wheels confronting pedestrians as you walk along the narrow pathways of streets at the Preston crossroads (junction between B1240 and Staithes Rd/School Rd). It can be quite un-nerving – if not terrifying! – to be so close to such monster wheels!

Preston resident John Hockless thinks that the current situation, with an established (Heavy Goods Vehicle) HGV route  going right through the village from East to West, means that serious accidents are inevitable!

John said: “People of Preston must be made aware of the risks before someone is dragged under the wheels of one of these monsters.”

The decision to establish the HGV route through the village was apparently made in the year 2000 following a consultation process which involved a major meeting being held in the village. However, the attendees at that meeting did not have eleven years experience of being subject to major traffic flowing through the centre. So perhaps it is time to review that decision and look at new options for making Preston roads safer!?

The Hedon Blog has asked East Riding Council for further information about traffic flows and accident rates – but we also need to hear from residents in the village about their concerns and experiences

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  1. Maybe John Hockless would like to state the no. of inevitable serious accidents that have taken place in 11yrs?

    • THE HEDON BLOG has asked the council Highways Department to provide the statistics relating to the area – including accident figures. Waiting for a reply.

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