The Hedon Blog is planning a FACELIFT!

THE HEDON BLOG has been going for over two and a half years starting in February 2009. In that time the Blog has built up its readers and supporters largely by word-of-mouth. We have written over 1,300 articles which together have been seen over 150,000 times (page views)!

In that time we have made two major changes. The first was the name change from Our Hedon Experience to the Hedon Blog, most people will not remember that as we had very few readers at that time. The second major change was in August 2010 when we changed the whole ‘theme’ of the Blog to what you currently see.

We want to change the theme again to keep things fresh, with the major changes being a different Masthead, and to move from a 3-column blog to a 2-column blog… but we will also be looking to do colour and other style changes.

The current Masthead was designed by Linda Hinchcliffe – and Linda has also come up with a suggestion for our new one (if you are reading this you will see a preview at the top where our normal Masthead would be). We love it! But we would like to know what you think!?

The change to a 2-column blog will allow us to concentrate on the content – rather than tons of information on the right-hand side which perhaps people get used to and don’t read anymore. We want to prune down the information we include on the right-hand side to only that which people find most useful.

The image below shows the layout style we have now (marked) and the one we want to change to – right or left side-bar.

So please help us out here – what should we definitely keep on the front-page – what should we get rid off? Please leave your comments!

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