Yorkshire Water Smells

Day of Action against the Smells – Bring/make your banners!

CAMPAIGNERS against Yorkshire Water’s Saltend Stinks have met for the first time. There will be further updates during the week, but for now here are some key dates to get in your diary!

Saturday 3rd SeptemberDay of Action against the Smells. Come and show your support and stand with us in Paull at 9am and Hedon at 12 noon. Details to follow.

Wednesday 7th September – 12 noon. Deadline: Petition closes.

Wednesday 21st September – 9:30am. Lobby the East Riding Council Committee at County Hall, Beverley. Present petition to Council.

Look out for events to coincide with the drop-in sessions to be organised by Yorkshire Water in the next few weeks, and an event to coincide with the opening of the new Odour Control Unit at the Saltend site – and events in Hull.

All events will aim to show the anger that residents have at the ongoing stench problem, but also to be ‘fun’ with the guest appearance of our skunk mascot and we encourage residents to make and bring their own banners!

It may be the quiet ‘summer recess’ period now for lots of organisations – but we aim to continue creating a stink in order to get rid of one! “Quiet” is not on our agenda!

Continue to follow the Facebook Protest Group: Yorkshire Water needs to sort the smell out and those 530+ people who have signed up for further information from the campaign can expect to see our first e-mail newsletter very soon.

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