East Riding Council: Unprecedented number of odour complaints

“…we have received an unprecedented number of complaints…”
Letter ERYC 3rd August001

ODOUR COMPLAINTS have reached unprecedented numbers the East Riding Council have admitted in a letter published last week.

The letter sent on Wednesday by Jonathan Smith, Environmental Health Officer, is a circular issued to those who have sent e-mails or called the council complaining about the odours.

Mr Smith apologises for not contacting those who have requested call backs to discuss odour issues, because “Unfortunately we have received an unprecedented number of complaints and it has not been possible to contact everyone individually.” 

The letter states that the Council takes this matter very seriously and the case is still under investigation. He invites people to continue to log further complaints by ringing 01482 396 301 (if you have complained before, quote the reference number you have been issued with).

All complaints should list your exact details of Name, address, contact telephone number, and the exact date, time, location and impact the odour had on you.

You can also e-mail Mr Smith at jonathan.smith@eastriding.gov.uk directly with the details outlined above.

I am sure that local residents will not want to disappoint Mr Smith. But please ensure that you offer the exact details stipulated.

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