Yorkshire Water Smells

Name the Skunk Mascot

SOME RESIDENTS IN PAULL are making a skunk costume to act as a mascot in the Yorkshire Water Smells campaign?

So… who can come up with the best name for the mascot?

Please leave your answers in the comments below. Perhaps we can sort out a prize for the person who first comes up with the name that we eventually use 🙂

See the POLL at Name the campaigning smelly skunk!

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  1. the smell is disgusting as we all know ime from preston road and we got the stink really bad still i did’nt know i had cousins in hedon/preston/until i read these comments well go for it kid’s get this stink vapourised / hopefully fingers crossed eh ?well bye for now friends jimbo

  2. How about SPITE (Saltend’s Putrid Intolerable Toxic Effluent)
    SYMON (in”dubious” honour of someone who appears to consider that South Holderness is a perfect “dumping ground”.)

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