Lobby Town Council about foul odours!

Odours from Waste Water Treatment Works

HEDON TOWN COUNCIL opens its doors tonight at the Town Hall for 30 minutes, to let the public ‘have its say’ on local issues.

The Hedon Blog is encouraging people to attend and raise the issue of the SMELLS from the Yorkshire Water Waste Treatment Works at Saltend.

Whilst the Town Councillors are doing their very best to represent residents’ interests regarding the foul odours – it will only strengthen their case if local people are actively engaged in trying to find a solution to the problem.

Coat of arms above Town Hall entrance (venue)

On these pages, and on our Facebook Page, it is clear that local people want to step up the campaign against the foul odours that disrupt our quality of life.

Julie Shepherd asks: “Why can’t the stink plant be fined for their leakages?”

Neil Shillito and Dean Robson both agree that more “direct action” should be taken with a protest being held outside the Yorkshire Water plant.

Ed, the Editor of the Holderness Heartbeat, sums up the frustration of many local people in his comments in the latest issue: “I believe we should close Yorkshire Water at Saltend as they’ve degenerated our quality of life & should be charged with ‘Crimes against Holderness’. I’m sick of their disgusting odours – No excuses, CLOSE!”

The meeting is at the Town Hall (between the Alexandra Hall and Allison Hall) TONIGHT from 7pm – 7:30pm. Anybody wanting to attend to protest this issue please meet outside at 6:55pm. 

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  1. I agree with the wording of the petition, and the idea of an online version, but warn that there will be more waffle generated from both Councils, especially over the wording “Statutory Nuisance”, but residents have had enough and it’s time to get this foul stink finished with.
    Kind Regards, Jim Uney….

  2. Stop the smells from Yorkshire Water Treatment Works at Saltend,
    Give us back our enjoyment of life i.e. sitting in the garden, without the horrible smells . I have been tracking this site for 11 years.
    I am willing to work with the newly formed committee, I think we should start a petition with immediate effect, and would like to offer my business premises at Hedon Hire, to hold petition papers, I am sure we can get other business to do the same.
    Councillor Mike Bryan

    • This is the suggested wording for the petition – if people on the Blog agree with the wording, I’ll get some forms drawn up and do an online version:


      THE PERSISTENT ODOURS from the Yorkshire Water Waste Water Treatment Works at Saltend are a nuisance, prejudicial to health, and interfere with the personal comfort of our communities.

      We consider that the odours from the Yorkshire Water Waster Water Treatment Works at Saltend are a ‘Statutory Nuisance’ and should be dealt with as such by the local authorities (Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council).

  3. 10 or so people attended the public participation part of the Hedon Town Council meeting on Thursday 28th July 2011. A fuller report will follow – however four key action points came out of the meeting:

    1. To launch a local petition demanding action on the smells;
    2. To organise a public meeting in the town with the Yorkshire Water Chief Officer (the boss!) invited to attend; (also a great opportunity for them to explain the benefits of the new odour control unit and other measures they have in mind perhaps!?) ;
    3. To look at organising a protest at the Waste Water Treatment Works;
    4. Continue to complain to Yorkshire Water using tel: 0845 1 24 24 24 – but importantly encourage others to do so. The smells are a public nuisance and the statistics (records of calls) need to demonstrate this.

    The organisation of a campaign group or steering committee needs to be formed – after the meeting broke up the chat in the Town Hall lobby from some of the public who had attended was about keeping in touch and getting organised via the Blog.

    Obviously we are both fully aware of the ongoing problems as we and our families suffer the stench too, however in recent weeks we’ve been actively working to bring matters to a head. With the full support of our MP, Graham Stuart, we have held meetings with the Leader of the Council, Stephen Parnaby, and the two relevant Portfolio Holders at East Riding, (Symon Fraser and Jane Evison) and also been in correspondence with the County’s Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services. (Nigel Leighton). In addition, Graham Stuart has held discussions and correspondence with Richard Flint, the Chief Executive Officer of Yorkshire Water.

    Today, we have issued a challenge to Mr Flint, demanding that he calls (and hosts) a Public Open Meeting in hedon so that he and his team can answer the many questions that residents have been asking in recent times. The two important questions being of course, – What is being done NOW to prevent this terrible smell affecting all our lives?, and What is the fallback plan if the present installation of enhanced Odour Control Units fails to deal with the problem?

    It will help if as many people as possible back us in our challenge. We have lived with this for almost 11 years and this year is by far the very worst it has been. For a ‘state of the art’ plant which in YW’s words would not smell, it has failed dismally. Some people have said they intend to hold back payments of their Water Bills, and who can blame them?

    John Dennis and Mike Bryan (Ward Councillors for S.W Holderness.)

  5. If i can attend i will…..i do have a little job on though so may not be able to attend….however , what real powers do the town council have, shouldnt we be lobbying at Beverley…..were the real power is held…

  6. I shall be at council meeting tonight. For 3 nights on the trot i was phisically sick due to the smell. This should not be allowed. The plant should never have been built so close to a town, It needs to close down and soon.

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