Withernsea to Hull railway journey – nostalgic delight!

THIS VIEW FROM A CAB OF A DIESEL TRAIN travelling the Withernsea to Hull route is a nostalgic delight! Taken in 1957 the whole journey is speeded up to take just over 4 minutes. Expect to see Hedon about 1:45 in – but don’t blink!

This video was found on YouTube by Justin Macartney of Seaside FM 105.3 and shows perhaps one of the first journeys by a diesel engine following British Rail’s ‘dieselisation’ from 1955 onwards.

The Hull and Holderness passenger service was closed following the Beeching report (published in 1963) and the last passenger train ran on 19th October 1964. See Wikipedia for more information

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    • further to my previous comment I have since found out there is no film at normal speed it was not filmed at the normal 25 frames per second but one frame every few seconds


  1. brilliant film, a friend of mine has just done a project all about this line, i will see if i can get a copy sent over to you ray , would be great to see it up and running again, think how many jobs it would create, and also how it might ease congestion on our busy roads


  2. Hi yes its fantastic film, done on super 8 by Stan Kirman of Withernsea and so should be attributed to him as is the YouTube film.


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