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Go on! Make getting online easy!

DO YOU HAVE A FAMILY MEMBER, FRIEND, OR NEIGHBOUR that would benefit from going on the internet for the first time? If so then you might want to visit the GO-ON website promoted below – visit and see what’s there, and then visit again with your friend in tow! 


The net – the web – online. They’re all words to describe the amazing creation that is the internet. Most people use the internet daily to make their lives simpler and more fun. Below are a few things the internet could help you to do.

  • Stay in touch
  • Save time & money
  • Have fun
  • Find info
  • Learn more
  • Find work and more!

It’s easy to have a go

The internet can help you save money. It’ll connect you with friends, family, fun and then so much more! And it’s really easy. Try the internet now by visiting:

IF ANY COMMUNITY GROUPS IN THE HU12 AREA have members that want help in learning about the internet and  getting online for the first time, then the GO-ON website provides a great introduction. But there are other sources of advice and information available to help you and your organisation GET ONLINE.

Contact for more information.

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