Council News

New Blue Bin Collections

HAVE YOU RECEIVED YOUR “BLUE BIN COLLECTION” LETTER from the East Riding Council yet? If not, you will receive it before Friday 22nd July in the Holderness area.
Once you receive your letter, then you can start to put glass bottles and jars (including lids), plastic food containers (including yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, food trays, carrier bags, plastic film and Tetrapak cartons) inside your bin along with paper, cans and plastic bottles.

The only types of glass you should NOT put in your blue bin are sheet glass and pyrex products.

Smaller blue bins will also be exchanged for larger, 240 litre bins to help residents recycle as much as possible. The exchange will take place on the next collection day after receipt of the letter from. Note: If your blue bin is the same size as the brown bin, it is already the larger 240 litre bin and will not be exchanged. You also have the option to keep your smaller blue bin if you wish.

Find out more at the East Riding’s Target45plus website.

What do you think about the new service? Are you finding it easy to pre-sort all the additional waste items before you throw them away? Let the Hedon Blog know your thoughts?

Please do not put glass, additional plastics and Tetra Pak in your blue bin until you receive the council’s letter informing you of the start of the scheme in your area.

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