Police warning to off-road bikers – Burstwick

HUMBERSIDE POLICE are warning anyone using off-road motorcycles or quad bikes on the disused railway line between Hull and Keyingham that they may face criminal proceedings.

Police have received complaints in relation to youths using motorcycles and quad bikes on the track, particularly in the Hariff Lane area of Burstwick, and have stepped up high visibility patrols in the area.

PC Will Stephenson from the Mid-Holderness Neighbourhood Policing Team is issuing a warning to anyone who frequents the track illegally. PC Stephenson said:

“The people that use the track for off-road biking not only cause a great deal of annoyance to residents, but they also present a significant danger to the public and cause damage to the countryside. Often, the vehicles used are not road legal, and in some cases not safe to be ridden – meaning the rider is putting themselves at risk of injury too. Police Officers and PCSOs are able to take positive action to tackle this type of anti-social behaviour by using effective powers such as the on-the-spot seizure of offending motorcycles. We are all prepared to take the necessary steps to protect the public, the countryside and the rights of way network in our area against this illegal activity. We are keen to work with the community to solve this issue, so please report any incidents or concerns to your local officers so that appropriate action can be taken.”

Over the last few months officers from the Neighbourhood Team have recovered a number of stolen motorcycles from stop checks done in the area. They have also issued warnings following the anti-social use of motorcycles and issued letters to the perpetrators.

Anyone who may be able to help police with their enquiries is asked to call Humberside Police tel 0845 60 60 222.

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