MASC – Get ‘Gigging’ with help from local music school

MASC ALREADY PROVIDES MUSIC TUITION for all ages and you can learn to play Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Clarinet, Saxophone, Violin and Trumpet. However, in an exciting NEW venture the Music Academy is now launching activities for young people wanting to play in bands or become solo artists.

Karl Wilcock from MASC tells us:

Jamming / Band experience sessions are offered to those of you not yet in a band, but who would like to ‘give it a go’. We will put bands together according to age, ability and experience and provide regular sessions for you to come together as a group. A great opportunity as we prepare for our next Festival of Music in November 2011.

A new Vocals, Performance and Band Management course is aimed at those in a band who are ready to start gigging. It will teach you how to get the most from your equipment, where to look for gigs, what to charge, declaring your income, staging a performance and give you help and information on the necessary insurance you need and membership to professional bodies such as the musicians union.

Interested? To find out more contact Karl Wilcock, Tutor, Music Academy for Schools and Communities on 01482 893 925 / 07886 857 733 or by e-mail at karl@music-academy.co.uk

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