EXCLUSIVE: Green Airport destined for Hedon as airships return to the skies

A GREEN AIRPORT AS A BASE FOR A FLEET OF NEW GIANT AIRSHIPS is to be constructed “near to Hedon” if a new consortium behind Hedon GreenAir gets its way.

Axel Bent, the Danish wind turbine manufacturer behind Hedon GreenAir says that the era of airship travel not enjoyed since the 1930’s will make its return under the radical new proposals:

“Hedon GreenAir will see giant luxury airships take to the skies once again. Up to 200 passengers will pay only £500 a ticket for the privilege of travel to Europe by the most eco-friendly means possible. Using the revolutionary, but inexpensive, methanic expulsion propulsion system will mean prices can be kept low. Sailing quietly and quickly over the Earth, GreenAir travel will be an out of this world experience!”

GreenAir say that they have chosen Hedon as their base of operations for three reasons – the proximity of the town to the River Humber, the ready supply of skilled workers in light of other eco-friendly developments in the sub-region, and the ready supply of necessary resource waste materials that will power the methanic expulsion propulsion engines.

In essence the methanic expulsion propulsion engines are powered by neutralised methane derived from compost-able and combustable waste materials. The neutralised methane is expelled from the engines in massive controlled bursts which propel the airship up to 70 miles in each burst. Each Hedon based airship will power up and the first burst of energy will see the vehicle reach the North Sea before the engines need to fire again. The revolutionary technology is already used to power similar vehicles in Denmark.

However not everyone has welcomed the news. Concerns have arisen over possible smells emanating from the engines and the sound pollution caused from each sub-sonic burst of energy.

A Hedon Town Councillor – who did not wish to be named – told the Hedon Blog:

“Let’s be clear what this is! Methanic expulsion propulsion smells and deafens! AirGreen have said that passengers are protected through the installation of sonic buffers and filters in the cabins – but what about the people below on the ground!? It will be people living in Hedon and other destination towns in Europe that will suffer terribly from these sub-sonic farts! We must kick this proposal out!”

The debate is only beginning… Find out more information at Hedon AirGreen.

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