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Cloeberry Way, Hedon – From Garage to House

THE JOURNEY of new council-built houses on Cloeberry Way, Hedon from a pair of garages to three new homes:

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These three homes have been built, following initial objections by local residents, as part of a £46.5m house-building programme funded by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the Homes and Communities Agency. Another 328 similar properties are being built throughout the East Riding.

The new houses are being designed as “life-time homes” according to the Council, meaning they can be easily converted for people if they become less mobile as their lifestyle changes. Features which help with this include a good standards of ramps, corridors wide enough for wheelchairs, downstairs showers (or the ability to install these easily) and removable panels to allow floor platform lifts to be installed.

See HU12 for a background article.

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