Volunteers wanted for the Hedon Youth Group

COULD YOU HELP OUT AT THE LOCAL YOUTH CLUB? Can you serve and make drinks? Could you take down names of young people? Could you lead a game? Are you the crafty type?

The Hedon Youth Group meets every Friday between 7.30pm and 9.30pm at the Red Cross Hut, Sheriff’s Highway, Hedon and relies on the support of the local community as it is run by volunteers.

We need your help and support. Volunteers are required to assist with the group. If you are able to help or know someone else who can help, either regularly or occasionally, then please contact us. It would be very much appreciated.

Alternatively, if  you are able to donate any equipment to the group, give a talk or if you have any ideas how we can ensure the young people get the most from this group then please contact us, either by phone or email.

Scott Burton
Youth Group Volunteer
01482 396 691

or Diane Storr
Group Leader
01482 891 983

E-mail: admin@hedonyouthgroup.org
Website: www.hedonyouthgroup.org

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