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Big Freeze continues to cause problems – new ERYC fund may help?

St Augustine's Snowy Scene Jim Uney

Snow in Hedon – Beautiful but disruptive! Image: Jim Uney

THE BIG FREEZE continues to cause problems across the HU12 area.

As reported by Jim Uney, Inmans has been without bus and delivery services for over a week now. The persistent compacted snow and ice on roads and pavements has effectively trapped people – particularly the elderly – in their homes.

It is the same story in the Woodlands and Princes Avenue area and the streets off Shields Road.  Julie on the Blog Facebook Page says: “No one bothered with our estate next to the big co-op it is like an ice skating ring”. Rachel confirmed the conditions: “Just been on the new estate near coop – v dangerous and unsafe. They need something to scrape the road surface!”

Diana commented “It’s a disgrace, surely they cud av done some-thing sooner, for elderly and people with mobility problems it has been a big problem.” Linda continued this theme: “It must be really bad for the elderly to get about or anyone pushing a pushchair, wheelchair etc”

However, there has been some good news and community spirit. People across the area have pulled together to help dig out and push-start cars that have become trapped in the snow. Neighbours have been helping to keep each others paths cleared. And in Draper’s Lane a group of young people have been clearing ice from the paths of bungalows.

People are willing to help themselves if they are able. Susan said: “Wish they had put some grit at the top of our streets we could have all been helping ourselves to get mobile.”

The East Riding Council has announced a new fund is available to support town and parish councils to undertake snow clearing and gritting. It is hoped that locally we can take full advantage of this funding. Apparently it can be approved quickly through a simple and straight forward application process.

The Met Office has indicated that temperatures are expected to rise over the next few days, but forecasters have said that cold freezing weather may return next week.

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