Packed snow and ice – Drapers Lane and Inmans Estate

THE GRITTERS visited the secondary blue routes (i.e. considered not priorities!) of Inmans and Draper’s Lane yesterday. This is the first time these routes have been gritted by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) since the big freeze began – however, the ice on the roads remains frozen, packed and solid.

Bus services in both areas have been disrupted during this period. The following request appeared on Fix My Street yesterday:

“The whole of Inmans estate (Hedon),Part of which is a bus route serviced by EYMS 277/78 buses, has not yet been cleared of Packed Snow and Ice . The situation is totally unacceptable where elderly residents rely on public transport to shop in Hedon for basic provisions, it is obvious that the reason for the decision of EYMS not to service the estate is because of the state of the roads. The ERYC have a legal duty to clear the Highway and footways of Inmans Estate. Please comply with this requirement ASAP, then people without their own transport can shop without putting their health and safety at risk.”

The message was posted at 8:45pm last night and sent to the ERYC four minutes later. Perhaps the Council needs to respond with snow ploughs?

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  1. In regard to the grant scheme to assist councils in gritting and clearing snow, the email application was only received on Wed or Thurs last week. The application was sent and I believe the money was allocated this morning. Members of the council met and it was decided to purchase a mixture of rock salt and grit (similar to that used by the East Riding Council) and source the purchase of a footpath grtting/spreading machine asap.


    This road was gritted for the first time during this cold spell at 07.55 this morning (Tuesday ), which unfortunatley has not resulted in much improvement to travel conditions.A further gritter appeared at 15.00 but the amount spread (if any) was unnoticable.The footway conditions remain the same Treacherous! Why doesn’t ERCC deposit heaps of Salt/Grit along various streets,Maybe,Just Maybe, people would spread it themselves on footways instead of going to some little piffling plastic container situated at the entrance to estates.The bus situation remains the same on Inmans,still no service.No milk delivered for a week, No mail at all, No hope!


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