A young view on the Hedon environment

We asked Chloe, aged 9, what she thought would make the town a better place to live in. This is what she said:

“The playing park near the cricket club is not very hygienic because people urinate in the speaking tubes, and people put their mouths on them to speak through.

Also our brick hut bus stops are a disgrace. Its the same as the speaking tubes people are urinating in them so it makes them smell horrible . And at the bus stops there should be benches for the people to sit down, and there should be cameras in the huts because people do graffiti on the walls inside. It makes our town look horrible and spoils our environment. So those people need to be stopped.”

Do you know young people that have got a view about the town? Let the Hedon Blog know at Psst! Got a news tip? or e-mail us at

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