Hedon’s unofficial ‘library’

QUESTION: WHAT HAVE the following books got in common?

ANSWER: They have all been bought from the Dove House Charity Shop in Hedon – most of them costing far less than £2.50! The links to the books above are given to demonstrate what they would really cost if bought from a commercial seller.

The books listed above are only a small selection of the wide variety purchased from the shop – to read, or as gifts – during the last 12 months. To an avid reader, the Dove House Shop can become as popular as the local library.

Of course it is also good to know that your purchases are helping to sustain a popular charity and good cause in the Dove House Hospice – and once you have read a book you can pass it on to someone else to enjoy, or indeed donate it back to the shop!

If you haven’t visited the Dove House Shop for a while – then give it a whirl – you will be surprised by the quality of goods (not just books of course) on offer.

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