Terror from the sky!

AN EXPLOSION WOKE RESIDENTS in the early hours of 22nd August 1917. Windows rattled, rafters creaked and the ground shook. Hedon was the victim of an air raid by a Zeppelin!

The war time bombing, 93 years ago today, was the first time that Hedon had experienced such a terrifying attack. The deadly airships had been spotted by Hedon outposts in the past heading up the Humber – but this was the first time that the town itself ended up being the target.

The Zeppelin had been undetected in the night and it struck with no warning. Fortunately, there were no casualties. However, the bombing completely destroyed the Primitive Methodist Chapel that stood on Baxter Gate. The building was never repaired and eventually demolished years later.

The attack was part of a series of raids over the Midlands and the North East coast on the 21st and 22nd August 1917.

There were over 50 Zeppelin raids on Britain during the Great War  (1914-18), claiming the lives of more than 500 people.

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