Banks – first Hedon “Yorkshire Puddin’ Awards” of 2010

YORKSHIRE DAY 2010 in Hedon was an undoubted success. However, there was one ‘downer’ on Sunday 1st August.

yorkshire puddin' award

There are only three automated teller machines in Hedon town centre, and none of them were working at 7pm on Sunday evening! Each seemingly had a different fault but the result was the same – no cash!

Those planning to celebrate Yorkshire Day and buy from the local stalls in the Market Hill fête area – or indeed visit the local pubs – may have been left without money to spend on this occasion.

This reveals just how vulnerable small towns and villages can be in cases like this with reliance on just a few bank machines.

So for this reason HSBC plc and Lloyds TSB (both have announced massive pre-tax profits in the UK this week) each get the Hedon Blog’s first “Yorkshire Puddin’ Awards” of 2010!

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  1. It shows the danger of depending on automation and assuming it will work all the time. Is such a level of failure beyond the probability of accidental?


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